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Stadium Seat Cushions

Pick your seat! Our stadium cushions are made of vinyl with foam filling for extra comfort during the big game.

Price List   Available Colors
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Red, blue, navy, gray, white, green, dark green, maroon, orange, yellow, black, purple
11" SQ x 1" THK - Vinyl Cushion

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12.5" SQ x 1" THK - Vinyl Cushion

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12" SQ x 1.5" THK - Vinyl Cushion

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12" SQ x 2" THK - Vinyl Cushion

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14" SQ x 1.5" THK - Vinyl Cushion

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14" SQ x 2" THK - Vinyl Cushion

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13.5" SQ x 2.5" THK - Vinyl Cushion

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14" X 10" x 1.5" THK - Benchwide Vinyl Cushion

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14" Dia. - Round Vinyl Cushion

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18" Football Shaped Vinyl Cushion

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14" Home Plate Vinyl Cushion

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4" x 4" x .75" Mini Cushion

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